Connecting the Seed World Globally, Under One Brand

How are the Seed World editors feeling about how the Seed World brand has changed over the last few months? How is it effecting their sector?

“The change is a natural fit for all of our brands,” said Aimee Nielson, editor of Seed World U.S. She said with everything under the Seed World name, it will bring more recognition and credibility, and “unifying our brands will also bring a cohesive connection to our readers.”

Nielson added it will help the editors adopt of global perspective when tackling their issues, as agriculture is not confined to local boundaries.

Senior editor Marc Zienkiewicz of Seed World Canada echoed that, saying that one of his board members remarked he “loved the global feel. With the click of a button, he can see what is happening in the entire global seed sector.

“Literally by the click of a button, he could switch between countries and continents.”

Marcel Bruins, editorial director of Seed World Europe loves the fact that everything is under one umbrella now.

“We were already a big family before, for decades, but that was not always clear to our audience,” Bruins said. “But now, with the brands under one big banner and on one platform, it really is so much better.” 

Elena Mansur O’Dowd, the associate editor of Seed World LATAM and newest member of the Seed World team, said we are all connected in the agricultural world, and it is a necessity for everybody.

“It’s important for all of the stakeholders in the region to feel they are a part of it and to give their perspective and comments, and be able to be more involved, especially how interconnected we are with the Northern Hemisphere.”

Madeleine Baerg, director of content, said the connection point between the editors, geographies and regions, our sector feels big, but you realize how small and connected everything is.

“We want to hear from our audience,” Baerg said. “Our goal is to be accessible and deliver the kind of content that people want in their specific regions, from a local, regional, global perspective.