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LATAM a Strategic Focus for Limagrain Field Seeds

Limagrain Field Seeds has achieved solid growth in Latin America since its humble beginnings in that region in 2011, thanks to committed investment and effort. In just over a decade, Limagrain has completed acquisitions in Brazil (Guerra, Geneze) and Argentina (Sursem), built new research and production facilities, and at the same time, recruited local talent, passionate about delivering new seed varieties to farmers.

Today, the varieties of Limagrain Field Seeds are sold and grown in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Peru. “As part of our ambition to be present on six continents, for all farmers large or small, we have levered our differentiation in genetics to propose new solutions for farmers in Latin America (LATAM),” says Cécile Richard, CEO of Limagrain Field Seeds in the Americas. “We’ve come a long way in that time, and we now have eight research centres, three production sites and over 400 highly motivated seed professionals focusing on the needs of Latin American farmers.”

Cécile Richard, CEO for Limagrain Field Seeds in the Americas.

Limagrain Field Seeds opted for a multi-crop strategy that includes all the major field crops in the region — corn, soybean, sunflower, and cereals — under the LG brand, which was first established in France over 50 years ago. Business is increasing year-on-year. For example, the LG brand is now third in acreage for sunflower in Argentina with a double-digit market share.

“Farmers never grow just one crop, and our global research allows us to have access to all major species grown by farmers in Latin America,” says Richard.

Farmers are at the very heart of Limagrain Field Seeds. Limagrain is a company created and owned by farmers. Limagrain Field Seeds exists to supply farmers with the best locally adapted genetics, helping them be sustainably profitable through the crops that markets demand.

The story of Limagrain is truly inspiring. Limagrain is a cooperative comprised of about 1,500 relatively small farmers located in the centre of France around Limagne Val d’Allier. These farmers have collaborated since the 1960s to today and have become the world’s fourth largest seed company. The farmer shareholders who own Limagrain have daily proximity to all levels of the business, guiding the strategy as genuine leaders with a long-term vision.

“Limagrain Field Seeds is unique among global seed companies in having this model of farmer ownership and leadership and it is something for which we are incredibly proud,” says Richard.

A New Leader in Argentina

On Oct. 1, 2023, Tomas Reynal was appointed Head of Argentina for Limagrain Field Seeds.

Tomas Reynal, Head of Argentina for Limagrain Field Seeds.

Reynal joined Sursem in Argentina in 2017. Following the acquisition of that company by Limagrain in 2018, Reynal led Limagrain’s marketing efforts to launch the LG brand. In particular, he strengthened the company’s marketing position by identifying business opportunities and executing impactful campaigns that leveraged the business model.

Reynal graduated from Said Business School at the University of Oxford in England with an MBA. He brings great experience and deep understanding of agribusiness, along with a highly developed strategic approach.

In his new role, Reynal is part of the Limagrain Americas executive management team. He is responsible for the sales, marketing, and product development departments of the business, closely working with the other support functions such as R&D.

“I am very happy to welcome Tomas in his new role,” says Richard. “Limagrain Field Seeds has bold ambitions in LATAM in the coming years, and the promotion of Argentine talent such as Tomas will ensure that we keep working hard to serve the farmers of South America with local experts who are supported by world class global resources.”