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Right: 2016 winner of the Future Giant of the Seed Industry is Justin Clark of BASF. Samantha Sisk of AgReliant Genetics was recognized in 2015.

Employee recognition might be more important than you think.

Great people make a great company, and it’s important to recognize those contributions throughout the industry. Too often, industry and businesses wait to recognize people for their achievements and contributions until the end of their career, sometimes even after their passing. This approach neglects a hard-working, forward-thinking segment … on which the future hinges.

Studies find that showing appreciation toward employees is critical to creating an engaged and loyal workforce. That means recognizing great work and calling out excellent accomplishments by your employees.

In two separate studies, David Sturt, executive vice president of O.C. Tanner Co. and leader of the O.C. Tanner Institute — a consulting leader in rewards and recognition — found that recognition directly affects morale and engagement. The study involved 3,500 employees, from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

A 2014 study surveyed 2,415 employees in 10 countries. Sturt says the date from it suggests a strong correlation between loyalty and acknowledgement. Among the 512 U.S. employees who say their company has strong recognition practices, 87 percent feel a strong relationship with their direct manager. That number dips to 51 percent among those who reported a lack of such practices at their companies.

Additionally, Sturt says a 2015 study involving 980 respondents from companies with more than 1,000 employees suggest a “striking connection between recognition and job satisfaction.” The study shows that seven out of 10 employees who report they’ve received some form of appreciation from their supervisors say they’re happy with their jobs. Without this recognition, Sturt says just 39 percent say they’re satisfied.

This plays into employee retention and can make a big impact on company culture, as well as bottom line. Recognition can take many forms, from a simple thank you note to a financial reward, or from being recognized in a staff meeting to being recognized in front of your industry peers.

One way you can recognize an early career individual is by nominating them for the Future Giant of the seed industry award, given by Seed World in partnership with the American Seed Trade Association’s Future Seed Executives (FuSE).

The annual award is designed to recognize an early-career individual who demonstrates the ability to make a significant impact on the seed industry. Nominations for the award are judged by Seed World’s editorial board and are based on leadership, industry involvement and success in their area of specialty.

The 2016 winner is Justin Clark of BASF. Samantha Sisk of AgReliant Genetics was recognized in 2015. Consider recognizing a young leader in your organization.

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