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Partnerships – A Cornerstone of Total Seed Production

Aaron Conaway, Total Seed Production President

One key element of a successful business partnership is ensuring your partner is specialized in what you are looking for – especially when your business depends on it. Total Seed Production employees are specialists who convey honesty, transparency, integrity and confidentiality throughout the seed production process. Those same characteristics are why our customers turn to us.

Our facility in Tipton, IN is where integrity was born. We don’t make our customers conform to us, we conform to them. There is a lot of talk within the industry about vertical integration. The benefit that comes with vertical integration is we manage and develop the entire process. This gives us more control and more flexibility, allowing us to take into account customers’ needs and wants as well as the challenges that Mother Nature, in all her ways, may throw at us.

When it comes to our customers, transparency and honesty are the top factors when communicating with them about their product. Our long history of bringing those two values to the table gives our customers comfort in knowing that we can meet their high expectations. This is going to be our 81st year of production and our consistency year in and year out is unmatched. Along with our flexibility, being able to be in control of every step of the process helps when communicating with our customers.

At risk of contradicting an often accepted “rule”, you can never over communicate with your customers. Our goal is to not constantly communicate, but to communicate the RIGHT information consistently. The concept is pretty simple – honesty. From admitting to a mistake to the conversations our managers have, honesty can really drive home a partnership. If a partner were to feel like there is a game being played or one thing is said and something else is done, the partnership can fall apart.

We work in a unique portion of the seed industry and confidentiality is a key component for us to maintain our relationships, and we take that very seriously. We make sure we uphold customer confidentiality when it comes to their hybrids, timing, quality, and everything in general. Our customers are, in essence, providing their trade secrets to us.

Due to the strength of the partnerships we have formed, our customers are big influencers on the decisions that we make at our company. They influence everything from capital improvement to employment decisions which are needed to continually improve and make sure we meet all of our customers’ demands, now and in the future. Every day we must focus on all the core components but not lose sight of the smallest details. This is the reason that we end up with strong relationships and steady partnerships.

These steady partnerships are built on the trust of our customers who help drive our decisions. It is our specialists who guide our customers while growing and maintaining a successful product. Total Seed Production employees don’t just specialize in growing, maintaining and cultivating seed, but they specialize in the industry as a whole, and that is why our customers consistently come back to us every year.

Expertise is critical and is a key element to success in the seed industry. For our customers to be successful, they focus on being specialists in selling seed to farmers and we are their specialists in getting them the seed they rely on. The most honorable “title” that has been bestowed on us is that we are true seedsmen, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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