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Conference Helps Spread the Word about New Breeding Technologies

Last weekend, the National Corn Growers Association put newer breeding techniques in the spotlight at Maryland Farm Bureau’s Women in Agriculture Conference, “Speak Up & Speak Out.” The presentation, part of a full-day focused on spreading important information about farming and ranching, delved into the importance of providing consumers relevant, relatable information on budding breeding technologies and offered insight into effective communications in the area provided by the American Seed Trade Association.

The session, which offered concrete guidance on approaching a seemingly daunting subject, also offered an introduction to the CommonGround program. With nearly half of the attendees currently uninvolved in this effort, the afternoon provided insight into the joint state-national program that brings together the women who grow and raise food with those who buy it for conversations that build trust and assuage unnecessary fears.

The night prior, CommonGround MidAtlantic volunteers also gathered in Annapolis to explore a variety of topics, including an insightful exploration of farming practice communications by Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board President Jennie Schmidt and a deep dive into constructive sustainability conversations. The group, which included both longstanding agvocates and faces new to the program, also shared their mutual passion while discussing potential activities for the coming year.

NCGA Communications Manager Cathryn Wojcicki delivered both the new breeding technology and sustainability-related presentations, answering questions and promoting several NCGA initiatives and programs.