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New Website, Mission Statement For Organic Seed Alliance

On April 27, Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) announced an updated mission statement and website that features new platforms and resources, including a new searchable publication page. OSA is a nonprofit organization that works nationally with a home office in Port Townsend, WA, and regional offices in California and Montana.

OSA’s updated mission statement is to advance ethical seed solutions to meet food and farming needs in a changing world.

“We updated our mission statement to more clearly communicate the breadth and impact of our work,” says Cara Loriz, executive director of Organic Seed Alliance. “While this language has changed, our program work has not. While we hope to better engage the public with our outreach efforts, our work remains focused on research, education, and advocacy programs to meet farmers’ seed needs.”

Also unveiled today is a new website that serves as a dynamic platform for communicating OSA’s research activities, educational events, and policy actions.

OSA remains the go-to resource for organic seed instruction and data, including how-to manuals on organic seed production and on-farm plant breeding, and regional variety trial reports. A new searchable publication page allows visitors to quickly locate resources by topic, region, and crop type. Resources include instructional manuals, webinars, worksheets, policy reports, conference proceedings, variety trial reports, and regional seed assessments.

Seed Broadcast is OSA’s longstanding blog, and provides a platform for reporting weekly updates on OSA’s program activities, as well as commentary on timely organic seed issues.

“Our work serves diverse members of the organic seed community throughout North America, farmers and seed producers, plant breeders and other researchers, organic seed and food businesses, and seed policy advocates,” says Loriz. “Modern online platforms and tools will allow us to engage with this remarkable and growing community in a more meaningful way.”

You can view OSA’s new website at