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ASTA to Host “Premier Policy” Meeting in Minneapolis

From June 21-24, the American Seed Trade Association will host its 134th Annual Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Industry leaders will convene to set the association’s policy priorities for the year ahead and to recognize those who have contributed to the success of not only the association, but the greater industry.

ASTA President and CEO Andy LaVigne says there are a lot of issues to discuss this year, especially with the farm bill and the new administration.

“We’ll be asking how do we develop policy that will benefit the industry into this next year and beyond,” he says. “The farm bill expires in 2018, and there are so many parts of that bill that are key for the seed industry and our customers.

“We look at the major Commodity Title (Title 1) and how that will impact everything from wheat and cotton and peanuts, all the way up through corn, soybeans and dairy. What are dairy farmers feeding their cows? All of that starts with seed.”

He says they also look at the specialty crops, conservation and research titles. LaVigne says they’ve got to be prepared when they go to meet with legislators in D.C. to talk through all these programs.

“That’s why it’s key that everybody have representation at this meeting in Minneapolis next month,” he says.

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