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True Seedsmen; A Name Earned, Not Given

In order to ensure our customers receive the best products, Total Seed Production invests time in one of the greatest assets; our employees. This means we not only employ the best, but we invest in the best, resulting in our customers dealing with the cream of the crop in the seed industry, True Seedsmen.

At Total Seed Production, we are proud to employ True Seedsmen, people who understand the importance of our customers getting the best product, and also providing exceptional customer service. We take the role of True Seedsmen very seriously, we understand the challenges our customers face and understand how challenging the seed industry can be.

Being a True Seedsman is all about putting the seed and the customers first. We expect our products to be perfect and the only way to deliver that is by making sure we are thinking about every seed, every step of the way. And for us, we are able to do that by being able to control the process from start to finish, we don’t have anyone else to rely on but ourselves.

We expect our employees to form a special mindset from the very beginning. This mindset is the first step in becoming a True Seedsman, and that is something Total Seed Production is committed to. That is why we are committed to years of training and experience for employees to ensure the True Seedsman moniker is earned and not given.

There is no doubt in my mind that working with True Seedsmen is an added value for our customers because True Seedsmen have an understanding of different demands. We recognize the challenges our customers face, what their customers struggle with, and the ever changing landscape of the seed industry.

True Seedsmen make decisions based on the quality of each seed. True Seedsmen understand every detail of the growing environment and the challenges and demands that come with that. We adapt to those challenges, thus resulting in a quality product and exceptional service.

There is a large sense of pride and honor when it comes to being a True Seedsman. Total Seed Production is operated by fourth generation seedsmen, and by taking the time and investing in our employees, we are readying a fifth generation of True Seedsmen for our customers. We believe in investing in good people, those willing to learn our vertically integrated processes from start to finish, who understand the needs of our customers, and understand the value of quality seed.

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