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DLF Seeds and Zaad Holdings Form Joint Venture

DLF Seeds A/S and Zaad Holdings Limited have formed an alliance, agreeing to enter into a joint venture known as DLF Seeds (Pty) Ltd. effective July 1.

Zaad is a supplier of agricultural inputs and owns, develops, imports and distributes a broad range of seeds in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and other international markets. According to a news release from the two companies, Africa’s seed sector remains attractive and Zaad is well positioned to benefit from growth opportunities. With subsidiaries and affiliate companies in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Angola, Zaad distributes seed to 28 African countries.

“We look forward to growing our seed business in Africa with Zaad being a strong partner, not only in South Africa but also in other neighboring African countries,” says Truels Damsgaard, DLF Seeds CEO. “Our new joint venture is a market leader in forage and turfgrass seed and holds a strong portfolio, combining the best products from DLF and Zaad.”

Through the joint venture, the companies seek to introduce superior genetics and solutions through local testing and technical support, and as a result expand the marketing and sale of temperate forage, turfgrass, clover and alfalfa seed to wholesale customers in the southern African market.

With the joint venture serving as sourcing and supply vehicle, Zaad will continue to distribute and market forage and turfgrass seed through its brands Agricol and K2 Klein-Karoo Seed and DLF will continue to serve its wholesale clients.

Antonie Jacobs, CEO of Zaad, adds: “With DLF’s dedication and commitment to forage and turfgrass seed, our new joint venture will provide access to the latest developments from DLF global research programs and will enable distribution of high quality forage and turfgrass seed through our global sales network.”