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Customer Relations – A Critical Element To Business Success

Customer service is more than just answering questions and troubleshooting; it is about a relationship built on trust and respect. At Total Seed Production, we are proud that our employees build meaningful relationships with our customers. For us, a valuable customer relationship is not just a requirement; it is who we are. Providing superb customer service is not only a key element of our business strategy, it is one of our most valued assets.

Customer satisfaction is a priority at Total Seed Production. Going above and beyond for our customers is not new to us; it is engrained in our employees and the way we conduct business. Our flexibility allows us to tailor the relationships we have with everyone we do business with. Every customer has different requirements, and with our vertical integrated system, those requirements are easily met.

Total Seed Production is involved in all stages, from the planting of seed to distribution of the final product and every step in between. That means we understand the needs of each and every customer, and the solutions to those needs can vary. Vertical integration, flexibility and exceptional customer service is why we are the best at what we do. Whether it is continually upgrading our facility, or the personal connection we have with our customers, Total Seed Production has created a culture of putting the customer first.

Total Seed Production hires the very best – from the front office staff to the True Seedsman. Our staff understands the value that quality and consistency have, not only in the product we produce for our customers, but in the relationships we cultivate with them as well. We are customer focused and take pride in everything we do. Whether it be quality control, integration, or transparency, Total Seed Production ensures the best product, with the best business, complimented by the best people.

As our customers and their businesses continue to grow, we are proud to be an integral part of that. To ensure that our partnerships continue to grow and thrive, we understand that it starts at the beginning with exceptional customer service.

Remember: with our vertically integrated system, everything is done onsite. We are the eyes and the ears of our customers, treating them and their product with the utmost respect. Here, you get the “total package”.

There are no middlemen at Total Seed Production. We are here for every step of the process, growing product and our customer relationships, one seed at a time.

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