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Montana Plant Science Researcher Honorary UK Professor



Montana State University’s top faculty in plant sciences has received a prestigious honor from a United Kingdom university, following multiple years of international plant genetics and genomics research with the university.

Hikmet Budak, Montana State University professor in the College of Agriculture, was recently named an honorary professor at the University of Worcester, Worcester, England. The academic designation is awarded to individuals of high standing and who are closely involved with the work of the university.

Budak has worked closely with Worcester’s Institute of Science and the Environment faculty on the application of genomic tools to better understand biotic and abiotic plant stressors that affect plant growth and yield.

“The field of plant genetics and genomics is rapidly evolving, and it takes international cooperation and joint resources to address challenges on a global scale, Budak says. “International collaboration and teamwork is required in order to keep our farmers competitive in global markets.”

“We’re glad to celebrate Budak’s honorary professor rank at the University of Worcester,” says MSU Vice President of Agriculture Charles Boyer. “Though this collaboration extends over an ocean, the research and development directly benefits Montana’s agricultural community and MSU’s campus communities across the state.”

The title is awarded for three years and an annual professional lecture is customary. The MSU College of Agriculture’s first endowed chair, Budak manages a cereal genetics and genomics research program using both basic and applied sciences so Montana farmers facing future challenges in production agriculture can remain competitive and sustainable.