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New Corn Silage Shows Improved Fiber Content and Starch Digestibility

Trials of Mycogen Seeds’ new Unified corn silage hybrid at the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute in Chazy, New York, show a 7 percent improvement in feed efficiency and 10 lb. more energy corrected milk compared to conventional corn hybrids.

The Unified line comes with SilaSoft technology and features a soft kernel for improved starch digestibility. The dual purpose BMR line offers both high fiber and starch digestibility.

“Whole-plant digestibility helps increase dry matter intake, delivers more energy and improves rumen health, which translates to more milk and better components,” says Rachael Christiansen, silage portfolio marketing leader for Mycogen.

Research with the new hybrid shows a 7 percent increase in butterfat and a 13 percent jump in protein when compared to conventional corn hybrids.

“Through the research, we saw the advantage of having a product that combines both fiber and starch digestibility into one product,” says Rick Grant, president of Miner Institute. “Producers should be able to feed higher forage diets, have more flexibility in how they formulate rations and feed the rumen more efficiently.”

Unified corn silage hybrids is available in limited quantities for the 2018 planting.