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Status Australia: Growers Comfortable with Direct Heading of Canola


A significant number of canola growers in the central west of New South Wales have changed the way they harvest canola, according to early results from an on-going practice change survey.

The survey being conducted by the Grains Orana Alliance (GOA) showed more than 66 percent of growers are now comfortable with direct heading canola crops, with more than 55 percent of crops now direct harvested, rather than windrowed.

Developed to investigate practice change in canola harvest management and nutrition in the central west, the survey has now been expanded by GOA to include all interested New South Wales growers. GOA is one of several Grains Research Development Corporation (GRDC) investments designed to deliver research and extension at a grassroots level, as well as provide critical information about regional production constraints and priorities. GOA chief executive officer Maurie Street said the current survey was designed to give the GRDC and GOA an understanding of the on-farm impact of their research and the effectiveness of their information delivery to growers and advisers.