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Tailored Fit, Just for You!

Just like Armani suits, Total Seed Production’s services are tailor-made, just for your brand.

For the past 82 years, Total Seed Production has prided itself on providing tailor-made services, just for your brand. In-house production allows us to accomplish so much, spanning from order flexibility to delivery.

The agriculture industry is like a rollercoaster with its extreme ups and downs — year after year, we’re thrown into situations we can’t control. However, at Total Seed Production, we use vertical integration to help maintain control of your product. Our vertical integration ensures that you’re getting an accurate order with the highest quality product possible, each and every time. It allows us to be extremely flexible with our operation because we don’t have to worry about any outside constraints. That means anything you need, we’ll be able to provide.

Whether you require a large quantity or small quantity, Total Seed Production will do everything we can to guarantee the quality of your product. At the end of the day, we touch every seed and every kernel, and we know exactly where it’s been and where it’s going.

Even though nothing’s perfect, Total Seed Production strives for our very own “Total Seed Perfection.” We continuously examine and analyze our production system to determine what we can improve. We ask questions like: “What does your brand need?” or “How can we make our products and services better?” Without anyone else to blame for the quality of our seed, we’re able to critique ourselves, adjust and further improve our products to be more tailored to your brand.

Each day, we do everything we can to help make our customer’s lives easier. We tailor our business to our customers’ wants and needs. Whether that’s adding additional farmland, warehouse space, services or staff to help make your product better, we’re in the business of catering to your requests. Anything a retail brand might need, no matter how major or minor, Total Seed Production will take care of it.

We pride ourselves in giving the best experience and service to our customers — our communication throughout the year is transparent and timely, our attention to detail is second to none and we’re able to meet whatever changing needs you may have.

We’re here to take care of your brand! Catering to every business size, big or small, we will seamlessly provide custom fit services for you. After communicating your needs, just sit back and know that you’re in good hands. All we want is for your brand to sell seed, and we will handle the rest.

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