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Fitting in the Total Seed Puzzle

In Total Seed Production’s puzzle, every employee has a place and a purpose.

It’s always interesting asking someone what makes them proud to work at their company. At Total Seed Production, I’m proud that we make a unique environment for our employees.

We want our employees to not only feel like a team, but to feel like a family. Our work culture is very laid back. As a whole, we trust our employees to do what’s right. We don’t want to micromanage anyone – our employees have the freedom to manage tasks on their own.

We encourage feedback at every possible point, and, as a team, we’ve even been able to set core values that encompass what it means to be an employee at Total Seed Production.

Our core values embody what we strive to be, but also what we look for in each of our employees. Our five core values are: growth, dedication, service, seedsmanship and teamwork.

In addition to these five values, we want a candidate that is versatile. Have you ever heard of the phrase a “jack of all trades, master of none?” Our ideal candidate isn’t someone specialized. One of the unique parts of Total Seed Production is that our employees don’t do the same thing for very long. With each new season, our employees have the opportunity to learn a new job – whether that’s working on a bagging line, driving a tractor or sitting behind a desk!

When a job gets a little stale, we engage with our employees by showing them new opportunities. Even though the general mindset of change is negative – I mean, everyone gets a little anxious about change – our employees get excited with every new season, because every new season brings a new challenge to tackle.

Another interesting aspect to our culture is that not everyone comes from an ag background, and that’s okay. About half of our workforce has a farm or seed background, but half has absolutely no background in agriculture. It’s a challenging blend, but if someone’s enthusiastic to learn about the ag culture, we’re ready to teach.

But, we don’t want you to just take it from us. We asked some of our employees what makes them proud to work at Total Seed Production, so take it from them!

“We create something that keeps the world going,” says Tina Johnson, operations and shipping assistant.

“The dedication of the employees – they’ll do whatever the customer wants,” says Steve Strakis, safety and quality manager.

“I’m proud of the great, friendly atmosphere and the fantastic management team we have at TSP,” says Beth Altherr, inventory and shipping assistant.

“Total Seed Production is always forward thinking, and extremely philanthropical towards the community,” says Linnie Oyler, staff support specialist.

Each employee has something different that they’re proud of, and we’re able to foster a healthy atmosphere to help them grow and make new relationships. Every employee has a spot in our Total Seed Puzzle, and it’s shaped perfectly for them.

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