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Status India: Promoting the Development of Quinoa and Grain Amaranth

Quinoa is still very much a small niche crop in Canada.

In early September, India’s Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) in cooperation with the ICAR-National Bureau of Genetic Resources organized a meeting in New Delhi. The meeting brought together 50 exerts from across the country to discuss the need for promoting and prioritizing the development of quinoa and grain amaranth, as they have the potential to play an integral role in crop diversification.

BS Dillon, who serves as vice chancellor of the university, shared that these crops could help to introduce a new cropping pattern, and they also provide farmers an opportunity to link to the processing and industrial sectors.

ICAR’s DK Yadava, assistant director general for seeds, shared that the organization was conducting research on 17 food and fodder crops of industrial value through different centers in a variety of climatic zones within the country.

So far, he said, 48 varieties of different crops have been released, besides identifying desirable genetic donors and accumulate indigenous and exotic germplasm collection.

Source: Tribune News Service India.