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Arcadia Biosciences’ GoodWheat Supply Chain Progresses

Demonstrating its commitment to advancing its GoodWheat portfolio of novel, non-GM wheat ingredients with unique health benefits to commercialization, Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. announced progress in the development of its supply chain, led by Grant Aldridge, the company’s new head of Commercial Development.

Since mid-2018, Arcadia has expanded its grower base for GoodWheat varieties to provide supply for its consumer and animal feed customers. To preserve the characteristics of GoodWheat, the company has developed an identity preservation system that ensures the wheat’s quality is maintained throughout the supply chain, from seed to food company. In addition, the company just completed counter-season planting of GoodWheat, which will increase seed inventory available for Arcadia’s grower partners. In 2019, the company plans to expand acres in the southern hemisphere which will expedite supply through a two-hemisphere production cycle and will increase access to key markets for the commercial adoption of GoodWheat.

All these activities are being driven by Aldridge, a crop production agriculture expert who brings more than 25 years of experience in agribusiness to Arcadia. Aldridge has served leadership roles in several major agriculture and biotechnology companies, executing new market models for high-value traits in corn, soybeans, melons and novel industrial crops. He has enjoyed a track record of success in every aspect of commercialization, from research and product development to commercial operations like sales, marketing and crop production management. Aldridge has a master’s degree in plant genetics and breeding from Purdue University.