Seed World

Accelerating Innovation

New developments in seed-applied technologies are fostering sustainability while helping more farmers achieve agricultural success.

The recent consolidation in the global seed industry has created a tremendous opportunity to further innovate in agriculture. With the Monsanto acquisition, Bayer is bringing together some of the best technologies in terms of seeds and traits, chemical and biological crop protection and digital tools to tailor a range of innovative solutions that not only help feed the world’s growing populations, but also promote sustainable agriculture and mitigate the risks associated with a changing climate.

Bayer’s strong commitment to Research & Development is helping accelerate innovation in many different areas, including seed-applied technologies. Our mission is to continually innovate and provide transformational inoculants for soybeans and other crops that could totally change the game in the future, not just for crop protection but also for fertilizer, irrigation and other areas.

This mission is exemplified in Bayer SeedGrowth, our fully integrated solution for on-seed applications that helps growers optimize seed performance.Bayer scientists continue to push boundaries in pest and disease control and in crop efficiency through improved root health, nutrients uptake, and water management, enabling us to provide innovative new seed treatment products in combination with suitable management practices around the world.

It’s not only about innovation—seed-applied technologies are part of a very well-articulated value chain involving a high degree of partnership and collaboration that provides optimal solutions for farmers and a remarkable tool for fostering sustainability in agriculture. 

By focusing on risk mitigation, innovation and partnerships, we are able to deliver seed treatment products that maximize yield and avoid negative impacts on human health and the environment.At Bayer SeedGrowth, we follow Bayer’s purpose—“Science for a better life”—and we take proactive product stewardship very seriously. We are dedicated to excellence in stewardship delivered by stewardship experts and a comprehensive range of practical stewardship measures. 

Biological seed treatments have become an increasing important aspect of sustainable agriculture.In partnership with global leaders in biological solutions like Novozymes, Bayer SeedGrowth is at the forefront of biologicals development, expected to be one of the fastest growing seed treatment sectors in the near future.

Boualem Saidi is an agronomist by training and has been with Bayer for 24 years, mostly in commercial and general management roles. During that time, he has worked in different parts of the world, learning and contributing to agriculture development in Europe, Africa and Asia. Since January 2019, he is Head of Global Asset Management SeedGrowth at Bayer.

Recently, Bayer SeedGrowth is about to launch a number of new seed-applied technologies in some European countries. These include JumpStart® and ProStablish®, two biological seed treatment products for wheat that have shown to increase yields by more than three percent.

JumpStart can lead to a better phosphate uptake by the plant and root and shoot growth. ProStablish enables an increased functional root volume and allows for increased water and nutrient uptake, leading to stronger plants and maximizing yield potential. 

Also new to the market is NemaStrike®, which offers broad-spectrum control of plant parasitic nematodes and consistent yield protection performance in corn, soybeans, and cotton. NemaStrike seed treatment features a novel mode of action that stays in the root zone where nematodes attack for 75 days, which is unique in the nematicide market.

Two new fungicidal seed treatments from Bayer, Redigo M® and Scenic Gold®, were recently introduced to the European market as well.

Redigo M contains two well-proven active ingredients: prothioconazole with its excellent efficacy against fusarium, and metalaxyl, which is very effective against pythium. This dual-action fungicide can be combined with other components of our seed treatment portfolio to create an all-in seed-applied package that meets all the grower’s needs.

Scenic Gold is Bayer’s new benchmark in controlling fungal diseases that affect the early crop development. The fungicide targets key early diseases affecting oilseed rape (OSR). It is crop-safe and can be used for both winter and spring oilseed rape. Field tests on winter and spring oilseed rape have revealed improvements compared to current standards and no reductions in crop stand or delays in emergence compared to untreated crops.

There has never been a more important time for innovation and sustainability in agriculture. You can expect to see more products and technologies like these from us in the coming years.  We at Bayer SeedGrowth are continuously working to shape agriculture through breakthrough innovation in seed-applied technologies for the benefit of our customers, consumers and our planet.