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Seed World Innovation Webinar Series: Enabling Innovation with CRISPR Gene Editing

The food and agriculture industry is using CRISPR to tap the natural diversity of plants to increase the sustainability of crop production to develop tastier, healthier foods for consumers. Matt Begemann, a gene editing expert, discussed how CRISPR can be leveraged in your R&D program. We also discussed how to accelerate development timelines and differentiate your products through the application of CRISPR.

Meet Our Webinar Speaker

Matt Begemann, Associate Director of Genome Editing & Trait Discovery

Matt has been with Benson Hill for 5 years and leads the genome editing program, where his team has developed a proprietary portfolio of CRISPR genome editing nucleases. Matt received his PhD in Microbiology from the University of Wisconsin where he worked on metabolic engineering and synthetic biology. He specializes in plant molecular biology and the development of new enabling crop improvement technologies.  

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