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Todd Martin to Leave the Independent Professional Seed Association

Todd Martin

On August 26, Todd Martin announced with a heavy heart that he was resigning as CEO of the Independent Professional Seed Association (IPSA).

“I believe strongly in creating value,” Martin says. “I have tried to live that philosophy with IPSA each day for the past five years of my tenure. With that thought in mind, and with heavy heart, I have decided to tender my resignation as CEO to the IPSA Board.”

However, Martin assures that this transition will not take his focus away from independent seed companies.

“‘salt of the Earth’ is the term that often comes to my mind when I describe all of you involved in the seed business,” he says. “I do believe that I still have time to build and create value in real terms for independent seed companies. That will be my new mission, to continue to create value for you, but in a new way.”

Martin is joining Inari as vice president of commercial development. He, together with Scott Keetle, general manager within the commercial operations leadership team, will be responsible for advancing Inari’s commercial offer through close collaboration with the independent seed companies that will deliver the company’s technology to growers.

“For better or worse, you will still have me around the industry in a new role, fighting to bring you value and still promoting the strength and power of independent seed companies,” Martin says.

Together, Martin and IPSA board members Jeff Meints, Brett Hodnefield and Dan Hogstad will facilitate the search for a new CEO. Any recommendations for CEO can be emailed to or