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BASF and Arable Labs Partner to Provide Weather and Plant Insights to Farmers Across Europe

Arable Labs and xarvio Digital Farming Solutions by BASF have agreed tofully integrate Arable’s in-field measurements into xarvio’s crop models and recommendations. The resulting integration of Arable’s unique dataset with xarvio FIELD MANAGER allows for optimized crop production decisions. BASF’s digital platform is built on decades of experience in crop production and protection, with Arable’s hyper-local crop and weather data it enables more precise in-field decisions.
Arable developed an innovative method that accurately measures precipitation using sound. Arable’s Mark device delivers unique value by employing an acoustic disdrometer, eliminating the complex maintenance requirements of the traditional tipping bucket. The multi-spectral sensing capabilities of the Mark bring real-time insight into how plants are responding to observed field conditions. Housed in a durable casing reinforced with nanotechnology protection, Arable supports the latest generation of wireless internet connection, LTE-M. Fit-for-the-farm tech combines weather measurements, plant health parameters and over 40 additional in-field measurements to create a first-of-its-kind solution integrated into xarvio FIELD MANAGER. 
“We are excited to announce this partnership that helps farmers by powering xarvio FIELD MANAGER’s recommendations with Arable’s unique data and analytics,” said Arable CEO Jim Ethington. “Ultimately, our customers need integrated technologies that work seamlessly together, and that’s what the xarvio and Arable partnership provides.”  
The collaboration builds on a successful 2018-2019 pilot across hundreds of locations that the companies conducted in Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany and Great Britain. In addition, Arable’s machine-learning models are continually improving through an intensive global network of 25 research-grade calibration and validation sites over twelve climatic zones, ensuring accurate and reliable data delivery.
“Our customers expect more accurate and precise recommendations. We have extensively tested Arable’s Mark over the last two years and are convinced that with this integrated solution we will support our customers to be more profitable and sustainable,” said BASF Digital Farming’s Head of Technology, Jeff Spencer.
The Arable Mark is now available online and will be integrated into xarvio FIELD MANAGER for the 2020 growing season. Geographic rollout is based on LTE-M availability with the initial countries being France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland and Ukraine.