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6 Million Data Points Fuel the Next Generation of Ag Prescription Services


WinField United announced the limited launch of its Advanced Acre Prescription Program to help improve farmer profitability potential with research-backed recommendations and a service warranty for performance.

WinField United is responding with a prescription program designed to help them meet yield goals while getting the most from every dollar they spend. The Advanced Acre Prescription Program is launching in select markets in the 2020 growing season and uses over 6 million new data points every year from the WinField United Answer Plot program to generate customized prescriptions based on the unique challenges and opportunities every farm faces.

The Advanced Acre Prescription Program uses extensive data, best-in-class products, innovative technology tools and local expertise to leverage agronomic solutions for farmers. With over 20 seasons of Answer Plot data and decades of experience, WinField United is able to create some of the most actionable insights in agriculture. The total-acre approach of the Advanced Acre Prescription Program means that farmers can optimize the return on investment of the dollars they spend by adapting recommendations to real-time conditions. WinField United is so confident in the program that if the prescription is executed and participating farmers don’t achieve 95%* of predetermined yields based on the plan and their actual production history (APH), a portion of the program fees will be refunded by WinField United.

“WinField United offers one of the most comprehensive data sets in the industry and, along with its locally owned and operated retailers, is well-positioned to deliver the research-backed recommendations that are the foundation of the Advanced Acre Prescription Program. We’re putting our skin in the game and sharing the risk of farming with the launch of our prescription service, because we believe our data helps leads to more profitable decisions,” said Jim Hedges, vice president of seed marketing at WinField United. 

Farmers are facing new levels of uncertainty as weather challenges, unpredictable markets and trade policies threaten their profit potential. WinField United and its extensive retail network are dedicated to helping farmers succeed, not only next season but every season after, by using innovative technology, unmatched product performance data and insights, and local expertise to deliver a customized prescription program that caters to individual farm needs and agronomic challenges. The foundation of the Advanced Acre Prescription Program is a system designed to help farmers prioritize and get the most from every dollar spent to deliver a more predictable and probable return on investment.

“The Advanced Acre™ Prescription Program is a great tool for today’s tough farm economics,” said Dave Spears, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Mid Kansas Coop (MKC). “It combines the data, insights and technology from WinField United into a systematic, responsive program that is delivered to farmers by MKC’s locally-based team of experts. It is truly a system designed to help farmers increase their bottom line.”

The Advanced Acre Prescription Program will be available in select markets in the 2020 growing season, but a full commercial launch is expected for the 2021 season. Farmers who want to learn more about the program should visit More program details will also be shared at local Answer Plot events in 2020.

*See agreement for more details; target percentage of APH varies by plan.