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Ag Retailers Now Have Access to a Competitive Advantage with New Collaboration

WinField United and AgVend join forces to offer agriculture retailers a unified digital experience.

Winfield United and AgVend announced a collaboration that provides agricultural retailers and growers access to WinField United’s “digital tools, services and marketing programs” through AgVend’s digital enablement solution, according to a release.

The digital experience will help locally owned ag retails expand their leadership by supplying tools to enhance their business and meet today’s demands.

“We work with WinField United and AgVend so that our teams can provide the best possible digital experience to our customers,” said KC Graner, vice president of Central Farm Service. “Now that we can seamlessly access WinField United’s programs through AgVend’s platform, we can continue to improve that experience by giving our internal teams and customers alike the tools they need to be successful. This partnership will certainly amplify the adoption rate of future tools, technology and programs available to our team and customers.”

The collaboration connects WinField United’s ATLAS portal with a “retailer’s AgVend-built digital enablement platform,” stated the release. The digital experience allows WinField United’s retail-owners to reach the optimal value of their technology stack, offer a unified experience and carry out timely insights and recommendations to strengthen customer relationships.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with AgVend. This collaboration, in combination with our owners’ trusted relationship with growers, will help retail sellers further differentiate themselves at the farmgate,” said Brett Bruggeman, president of WinField United. “By providing unmatched, digital access to leading insights, risk management solutions and sales-enablement tools, we are converting data into actionable results with greater speed to equip our retail-owners and farmers for the future.”

The first phase gives sales teams and growers access to WinField United proprietary programs such as the “loyalty and incentive programs, financing options, customized agronomic prescription plans, risk mitigation warranties and digital marketing campaigns,” explained the release. Additional services will be available in the future as the project progresses.

“The challenges facing our industry are only getting more complex. But, within those challenges are real opportunities. This collaboration exemplifies how we, as agribusinesses, must work together to create a more dynamic and efficient supply chain,” said Alexander Reichert, CEO of AgVend. “We are excited to see how this collaboration enables WinField United’s retail-owners to take advantage of emerging opportunities and best serve their customers well into the future.”

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