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Marking Flags 

Mark out any boundary lines, plot lines, etc. with our durable 4 mil. marking flags. Choose from 18 different colors, ranging from standard APWA to fluorescent colors, and a wide range of customization. Our polyethylene flags are made of 3 mil. poly and are fade resistant. They can be customized by choosing four different flag colors and two ink colors. We sell carrier probes for easy posting as well. 

Field Flags 

We have an extensive selection of tall pennant field flags. These flags come in various sizes, shapes, colors and can even be customized.

Field Decals 

These stickers are made of an adhesive vinyl that are waterproof, tearproof, and can be written on with Sharpie markers. Field decals are entirely customizable 22.5-inch by 5.5-inch stickers used to update or adorn field signs. They are most commonly used for covering up a previously used seed number on a field sign with the new number, so that the sign can be re-used several times — saving you time and money.

Plot/Dealer Signs 

Blackburn’s Ag signs are made of durable corrugated plastic to make sure your fields are looking their best! They can be customized regarding both art design and shape of the overall sign. Steel posts and pin keepers are available, which are sold separately.

Service Tags/Stickers 

The tags are made of 10 Mil. synthetic poly, making them waterproof and tearproof. You can write in your services and attach them with the included zip-ties. The stickers are made of adhesive vinyl, and are waterproof, durable and you can write on them. Easily apply these custom labels and never lose your service records again.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Companies

For nearly 70 years, Blackburn Manufacturing has been producing marking flags/products for the ag industry. We are “The Original & Still the Best” and World’s Greatest Flag manufacturer. We have an amazing team that strives to provide you with high-quality, American-Made products at both our Nebraska and California locations. Customer service is our #1 priority; therefore, we make sure that we are doing everything possible to exceed your expectations with our marking products and continued service. We know that none of this would be possible without our loyal customers. While it’s not as simple as “one size for all” anymore, you will see that we have a wide array of marking products available! Please let us know how we can help you design YOUR mark!

Why Field Flags Are Important

With various sizes, shapes, and colors, your fields will stand out in the field. These reinforced vinyl flags with a durable fiberglass staff. Easily promote your business with these eye-catching flags! They are most commonly used for business name branding, increase name recognition, promoting your business and customer appreciation. 

We Are Here To Help

With the tough times we are facing in this world, we know how much this has made and continues to make an impact on agriculture. We want all farmers and ranchers to know that Blackburn Manufacturing is a family owned company that was here in 1953, is here today, and will be here tomorrow because we are YOUR PARTNER in farming! 

With over 5 Billion flags/signs produced and sold, we are the original and still the best! See our full line of products at