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Reliable, Standardized, High-Quality DNA Purification From a Variety of Plant Types and Samples

Global breeding cycles and the need to test an ever-increasing number of samples are driving genomics-based plant breeding programs to turn to automated DNA purification platforms. But not every robotic platform combines throughput and ease-of-use with the generation of high-quality DNA. NGS applications are particularly sensitive to DNA quality, making a focus on sample preparation essential for preventing re-work. With the oKtopure™ and sbeadex™ technologies from LGC, Biosearch Technologies™, you get high-throughput purification of high-quality DNA using protocols that can be quickly and efficiently optimised to meet your specific needs.

Successful protocols start with sbeadex

When it comes to extracting DNA, plant samples are particularly challenging due to the high content of PCR-inhibiting compounds like polyphenols, tannins, and alkaloids.  Extensive protocol optimisation and customisation is the rule rather than the exception. However, with Biosearch Technologies’ flexible sbeadex magnetic beads, protocol optimisation is fast and easy. If you have any questions or concerns, our experienced technical support team is available to work with you to overcome any challenge, from protocol design and initiation onwards. You may even be able to save optimisation time as we have already developed successful protocols to extract DNA from dozens of plant species and sample types, including particularly difficult samples like palm oil. 


sbeadex’s unique double-bind chemistry allows elution of the sample into water, thus avoiding the potential hazards of overdrying or carryover inhibition.  

Genomics-based plant breeding programs are faster with oKtopure

The power of sbeadex technology is amplified when extraction is automated using the oKtopure, a small footprint, high-throughput automated extraction platform. The oKtopure enables a significant increase in DNA yield and quality compared to other systems due to its unique design, which utilises eight magnetic “underdeck” stations to hold beads in place while the 96-tip head automatically transfers lysing solutions and washing buffers.  

See how the combination of oKtopure and sbeadex technologies have accelerated breeding programs on rice and wheat by downloading the application note.