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NexusBioAg Launches Next Generation Pulse, Cereal and Soybean Inoculants

Univar Solutions Inc. announced the addition of three new Novozymes BioAg inoculants, BioniQ, TagTeam BioniQ, and Optimize LV, to the NexusBioAg portfolio of crop biological and fertility products. NexusBioAg, a division of Univar Solutions, is the exclusive distributor of Novozymes inoculants in Canada. The addition of these innovative inoculants enhances and expands NexusBioAg’s already extensive portfolio of inoculants, micronutrients, nitrogen stabilizers, and foliars for the Canadian agricultural market.

NexusBioAg is committed to launching innovative, cutting-edge products that provide value to the Canadian agricultural industry and benefit its growers. The three new inoculants are proven to increase yields and enhance crop performance for pulses including lentils and peas, cereals (small grains), canola and soybeans.  They result from years of collaboration with customers, research and development, and multiyear field trials conducted across Canada through the BioAdvantage Trials (BAT) program. The launch of these inoculants, solely distributed and marketed by NexusBioAg, ensures they will be on farms in time for the 2021 spring planting season across Canada.

“Novozymes’ product innovations and proven manufacturing capabilities, combined with NexusBioAg’s dedicated sales and marketing team, demonstrates how we have strategically collaborated to bring innovation to the Canadian agricultural market, ultimately benefitting Canadian growers,” says Rob Chomyn, senior manager-biologicals at NexusBioAg. “Bringing our industry experience, significant reach, advanced logistics, and market intelligence data and analytics, together with Novozymes’ trusted and proven inoculants, – provides customers new solutions and efficiencies for their crops.”

Darrell Wolkowski, Novozymes commercial operation lead for Canada, adds, “The launch of BioniQ, TagTeam BioniQ, and Optimize LV marks a new era of collaborative product launches with NexusBioAg. Working together, we’re at the forefront of agricultural innovation and distribution, bringing the best inoculants to market along with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.”