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New Collaboration Offers Innovative and Sustainable Farming Solutions

Univar Solutions Inc. recently announced a collaboration between NexusBioAg, a unit of Univar Solutions, and MustGrow Biologics Corp. (MustGrow).

The companies have agreed on a marketing and distribution deal for TerraMG, the mustard-derived soil biopesticide technology. Access to this plant-based technology “further diversifies and expands NexusBioAg’s extensive portfolio of inoculants, micronutrients, nitrogen stabilizers and foliars for the Canadian agricultural market,” shared a release.

The two companies began a field research program in 2021 to create MustGrow’s sustainable farming technology for canola and pulse crops in Canada. The team believes this technology could help combat the agronomic issues resulting from clubroot and Aphanomyces diseases. 

The next stage of the development process is now underway. Through the agreement, NexusBioAg customers can access the agronomic innovation that has not yet been registered with Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

“TerraMG complements the NexusBioAg portfolio and we are excited to add this technology to our growing product offering. As the sole distributor of TerraMG in Canada for use in canola and pulse crops, this agreement further reinforces NexusBioAg’s commitment to collaborating with leading manufacturers to launch innovative, sustainable and cutting-edge solutions that provide value to the Canadian agricultural industry and benefit its growers,” stated Matthew Ottaway, senior vice president, global consumer solutions for Univar Solutions.

NexusBioAg strives to launch innovative and cutting-edge products, while MustGrow’s expertise falls in the research and development of organic biopesticides. Together, the two companies hope to benefit Canadian growers with innovative and sustainable farming solutions.

“We are very pleased to partner with an organization like NexusBioAg. Their team’s technical and commercial expertise is unparalleled and will be advantageous in accelerating the development and growth of TerraMG for use in Canadian canola and pulse crops. The NexusBioAg team has tremendous knowledge of the Canadian agriculture market as well as sustainable farming solutions. We look forward to commercializing this biopesticide technology in the Canadian market together,” said Colin Bletsky, COO of MustGrow.

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