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Agriplex Genomics: On The Ag Researchers’ Team From Beginning To End

The same conversation comes up again and again at our Agriplex Genomics meetings: most people generally don’t give plant and livestock researchers the credit they deserve. If we didn’t have researchers working on specific priorities like nematode resistance, the whole food chain would fall apart. Plant breeders are keeping the world fed. Average consumers don’t appreciate that — and might not even be aware of that — but we are so proud to be part of helping researchers do it.

Our company provides the sequencing information that researchers need to identify desirable traits in their breeding lines, leading to healthier and more productive crops and livestock. We are the only company in the marketplace today to offer full-service, exclusively mid-density (50 to 3,500 SNPs) genotyping, starting with DNA extraction and ending with SNP target analysis. This specialized focus on mid-density allows us to work closely with the customer and perfect each project. We bridge the industry’s gap between single-plex SNP assays and high-density arrays. Above all, we see ourselves as part of our customers’ breeding teams.

Being a small, nimble company means we invest in customer relationships and can adjust our operations to suit customers’ changing needs. It also means we can keep our thumb on the pulse of the industry, which allows us to bring new innovations to customers quickly, and to add informational and technical value on an ongoing basis. 

We understand that all researchers face budgetary constraints. That’s why we are proud to provide top-quality, actionable data with industry-leading returns on customers’ investments. Our multiplexed, next generation PlexSeq™ platform, which simultaneously screens thousands of samples via a single run of a sequencer, greatly improves throughput and efficiency while significantly reducing the cost to our customers. 

If you want to expand your breeding program and do more with your research budget, Agriplex Genomics is the company to turn to. Come grow with us. In your program’s earlier days, we can provide a full-service package. When you don’t have adequate staff or lab facilities, we’re here to help. As your program grows to a larger scale, we can — when you’re ready — hand your sequencing program off to you as a kit. Rest assured that, if at any point, later workload pressures mean you’re unable to manage the kit on your own, we’re happy to jump in as a back-up. Because we understand your business and have your assays in our freezer, we’ll be ready at a moment’s notice to keep you moving forward. 

Many of us on the Agriplex Genomics team have been in the genotyping service industry for several decades. What we appreciate most about working on a smaller, more customer service-oriented team are the relationships we form with our research partners. Each time we chat with another of our crop and livestock breeding customers, we’re struck again by how much impact these researchers make on the food chain. The gains they are making — gains that will ultimately benefit all of agriculture and the whole world’s food supply — are endless, impressive and ultra-cool. Helping them move forward is what gets us out of bed each morning.