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Kamterter Named 2020 FarMore Vision Award Winner

The goal of every fruit and vegetable grower ultimately is to coax maximum value out of each crop while creating a sustainable business model. Strong partnerships across the industry provide the essential support growers need to make that happen.

For dedication to providing that essential support, Syngenta recognized Kamterter, an independently owned product development and seed enhancement service company based in Nebraska, with the 2020 FarMore® Vision Award.

“Kamterter is a strong supporter of FarMore Technology and a role model for Syngenta’s vision for grower support,” said Shawn Potter, Head of Marketing for Syngenta Seedcare. “Partnerships with companies like Kamterter help us deliver on our promise to bring innovative technology to the field.

Syngenta’s FarMore Vision Award is presented to companies that display excellence in their commitment to growers and their contributions to the seed treatment industry. Kamterter brings a new generation of seed priming, seed lot refinement and seed coating technologies and services to the industry.

“Kamterter is honored to receive Syngenta’s FarMore Vision Award for 2020,” says Chris Petersen, president and director of research, Kamterter Products, L.L.C. “As a seed enhancement and coating service provider, Kamterter has a primary mission of helping those involved in the fruit and vegetable industry get the most value from their seeds.”

Kamterter works with leading seed dealers and breeder producers throughout the fruit and vegetable industry. Flower, agronomic, turf and reclamation seed enhancement services are also available.

One of the cornerstones of Kamterter’s offerings is its onion seed, treated with Syngenta’s FarMore FI500 Onion seed treatment.

“FarMore FI500 Onion was developed as a complete disease and insect control package for onion growers,” Potter says. “The product contains three active ingredients for disease control and two active ingredients for insect control.”

FarMore FI500 Onion was developed in 2012 and is part of the line that includes FarMore F300, FarMore F400 Watermelon, FarMore FI400 Brassica, FarMore FI400 Curcurbits, FarMore FI400 Leafy, FarMore FI500 Onion, FarMore OI100 seed treatments and Trigard® insecticide.

FarMore FI500 is highly effective because it controls soilborne diseases, such as Pythium and Rhizoctonia, and guards against stand and yield robbing insects, such as seedcorn maggots, onion maggots and onion thrips.

“Seed treatment decisions are a critical piece in creating value for the fruit and vegetable grower,” says Petersen. “Syngenta’s FarMore seed treatment packages have proven critical in creating value for the grower and this is reflected in the rapid growth of Kamterter’s FarMore treatment program.”

“We appreciate Syngenta as a crop protection treatment partner and look forward to continuing work with them to serve crop protection needs in the fruit and vegetable industry,” Petersen adds.