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New Biological Portfolio Offers Nutrient Efficiency, Plant Health

Source: Pixabay

Farmer’s Business Network (FBN) announced it is adding new line of biological products for its U.S.-based members. The new portfolio includes 17 products that will be sold through FBN Direct.

With the goal of designing product to maximize soil and plant potential while optimizing chemical and fertilizer inputs, FBN says it has worked to vet a host of biological technologies.

“The launch of the biological product portfolio through FBN Direct is one of many steps we are taking as a company to provide farmers with solutions that combine the benefits of sustainability and profit potential at the farm gate,” says Amol Deshpande, CEO and co-founder of FBN in a recent press release. “We are committed to leadership and innovation in this space, now and in the future, through our expanding product offering, Biological On-Farm R&D Network and the Gradable platform.” 

FBN says that the new line of products includes solutions covering soil prebiotics, soil probiotics, photosynthetic enhancers, carbon sources and advanced micronutrients. In practice, FBN says these products are meant to free up nutrients in the soil and add nutrition to protect plant vigor and health from weather or chemical stress.

The new list of biological products are:

  • Soil prebiotics, including GCS Catalyst
  • Soil probiotics, including Inject-N and Inject-PK
  • Photosythetic enhancers, including Atarrus
  • Carbon sources, including Inhabit: Boost, Inhabit: Build and Inhabit: Granular
  • Advanced micronutrients, including the Nourish suite of products

Additional solutions will be coming to FBN Direct in the coming months.

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