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Vilmorin-Mikado Carrot Varieties Serve Global Marketplace

Vilmorin-Mikado North American Dealer Account Manager, Brad Smith. (Photo: Vilmorin-Mikado)

Vilmorin-Mikado leverages its longstanding position and well-developed carrot varieties to serve markets in more than 100 countries worldwide.

With nearly 300 years of experience, the Vilmorin-Mikado company is a well-founded expert in the carrot industry. The company has developed industry-leading varieties that excel in every phase of production, from sowing to shelf-life. These adapted varieties serve the unique markets on five different continents with sales into more than 100 countries.

“We are releasing varieties that are designed to be market staples,” says North American Dealer Account Manager, Brad Smith, “and Vilmorin-Mikado is doing the trial and screening work to ensure that that quality goes beyond the outer appearance of the carrot to provide processors a quality product all the way through the processing chain.”

The quality initiatives that insure every Vilmorin-Mikado seed utilize the company’s privately developed coating, pelleting and priming technologies, in conjunction with imaging technology that analyzes seed lots for imperfections.

One of the hallmarks of carrot quality the Vilmorin-Mikado team has focused on is producing varieties with strong tops.

SIROCO variety C Vilmorin SA.

“Our strong tops really show as an advantage during later fall harvests when snow and cold are an issue in the North,” Smith says. Our carrots can be spotted next to the competition from a great distance because of this. The quality is easy to see.”

Smith says that long term quality is where the Vilmorin-Mikado varieties shine, sharing that the Siroco variety may appear too short to be a quality slicer at first glance. However, the tops of the carrot variety are seemingly bulletproof during the cold fall months while slicing quality remains excellent, giving it an upper-hand to varieties that may visually fit the “look” of a slicer.

Another signature Vilmorin-Mikado variety, Volcano, may also appear too short, but the variety offers high marketable yields with great storage capacity and aptitude to late harvest by top lifting.

The Vilmorin-Mikado Siroco and Volcano varieties are just two examples amongst a large portfolio of varieties that perform well in their respective markets. The company’s superior seed quality, combined with the support of knowledgeable and committed representatives, sets the Vilmorin-Mikado offerings apart from competitors within the carrot markets.

SPEEDO variety C Vilmorin SA.

Smith says that the Vilseed line-up is an outstanding seed option when compared to the competition within the marketplace, “I believe the demand for Vilseed with continue to increase,” he says.

Vilseed coated seeds offer the industry-leading sowing density and emergence uniformity that produce a more uniform crop at harvest and a higher marketable yield.

“The market will continue to demand higher quality product, less waste and variable weather tolerance, all of which our Vilmorin-Mikado team can provide,” Smith says.

To learn more about the advantages Vilmorin-Mikado carrots provide, contact Brad Smith at