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Calyxt Announces Stable Soybean Oil Trait

Calyxt, Inc. announced that its premium high oleic low linolenic (HOLL) soybean oil trait has exceeded industry performance targets expected in the premium oil segment. This marks a step-improvement on Calyxt’s first gene-edited product that was commercialized in the U.S. by delivering better functional performance and fatty acid profiles.

Preliminary composition analysis indicates that Calyxt’s trait for its soybean with a high oleic and low linolenic fatty acid profile is best-in-class. It is expected to offer high levels of heart-healthy oleic acid and low levels of linolenic acid, on par with high-oleic sunflower oil.

“Our R&D team continues to identify and unlock high value plant-based products and metabolites through the use of Calyxt’s proprietary TALEN editing systems, breeding approaches, and advanced analytics platforms that built upon the learnings from our first edited product,” says Travis Frey, CTO at Calyxt. “The early-stage validation of HOLL, our most complex product to date, marks an exciting step-change in our ability to discover, understand and harness the potential of complex plant biological pathways to deliver the next generation of plant-based solutions in a fraction of the time.”

“We’re excited by the performance of the HOLL trait in terms of desirable fatty acid profile, improved oxidative stability, increased shelf life, and reduced polymerization,” says Sarah Reiter, vice president of business development. “We look forward to partnering with elite soybean companies to introduce this trait through their premium seeds as a compelling alternative to commodity soybean and other premium oils.”

Calyxt’s HOLL was developed through combined proprietary editing technologies and breeding approaches to deliver the desired attributes. Having completed foundation seed production, HOLL will be advancing into seed production for a potential 2023 launch. The company is currently evaluating potential collaborators for the North American and global markets and intends to partner with elite soybean companies to bring this product to market.