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Rose Souza-Richards Loves Learning from ISF Members and the Industry

In our latest Seed World Podcast Series, Rose Souza-Richards, seed health manager of the International Seed Federation (ISF) joins Editor Alex Martin to talk about everything from a pandemic-filled year to how ISF’s key strategic objectives (KSOs) influence her position’s direction.

Souza-Richards notes one of her favorite points of the job is getting to meet and talk to all the ISF members, which, has looked quite different in 2020 and 2021! Instead of meeting in-person, everything has been conducted online, which Souza-Richards jokes has left her people deprevied. She’s looking forward to being able to host an in-person conference and shake hands and hug all the ISF members in-person.

In addition, Souza-Richards addresses how the new ISF KSOs influence the direction of her work. One major KSO she works with is KSO No. 3, which focuses on promoting more efficient movement of seed to continue to deliver benefits to the seed industry and its value chain.

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