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Summit Seed Coatings and Midwest Seed Coating Acquired by Tide Rock Holdings

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Tide Rock Holdings recently completed the acquisition of Summit Seed Coatings and Midwest Seed Coating, two businesses that specialize in high-volume custom seed coating for grass, alfalfa and forage legumes to improve seed viability and vigor.

“Summit and Midwest are ripe for significant growth and we plan to provide the investment to expand their capacity to meet their customers’ needs,” said Ryan Peddycord, CEO of Tide Rock Holdings, “They are well-established, well-run businesses in an industry with growing demand and limited supply.” With Tide Rock, Summit and Midwest will be able to ease growth constraints, scale, and become leaders in the seed coating industry.

Bill Talley will operate both businesses under a single entity called Summit Seed Coatings LLC. Talley is an experienced industry veteran with over 35 years successfully growing seed coating businesses in the U.S.

“I’m excited to help realize Summit Seed Coatings and Midwest Seed Coating’s full potential,” said Talley, “The offer to work alongside Tide Rock Holdings is an exciting opportunity. Continuing to share my expertise in the industry will ensure the new Summit Seed is set up for success.”

Summit Seed Coatings and Midwest Seed Coating joins Tide Rock as the sixth platform in the company’s growing portfolio, along with Seawind Foods, Interconnect Solutions Company, Intensity, Plastics Design & Manufacturing and BeWell Network.