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Jake Ware Says There’s Always More to Learn

When it comes to leadership, Jake Ware, business manager of processing for the U.S. and Canada at HM.CLAUSE, says it’s pretty self-evident why it’s important.

“We’ve all worked for good leaders, we’ve all worked for not-so-good leaders,” he says. “Leadership is always important for the progress of an industry leader.”

And, when it comes down to it, Ware says we’re in the midst of something new: a generational shift. With that comes uncertainty as well as a whole new slew of young leaders.

“When I talk about good leadership, I’m thinking about really taking care of people, while at the same time finding a way for your business to succeed,” Ware says. “It’s one of those beautiful equilibriums that we have where when you take care of and help people, you’re helping them progress.”

It’s that passion and excitement for leadership that drew him in as chair of the American Seed Trade Association’s (ASTA) Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) committee. LEAD is a newer committee within ASTA that took the former FuSE and Management Skills committee and combined them into one larger group. LEAD’s focus is on to anyone from students to C-suite executives to learn with each other across the board.

“I don’t see roles [such as CEOs] as being the summit of their career,” Ware says. “I would guess that they don’t either. We can always learn and continue to hone in our craft every day.”

At the 2021 ASTA CSS & Seed Expo, LEAD will be hosting its own village to specifically put a spotlight on leadership education and development.

“We’ll have a lot of discussion on communication, as well as a discussion on what we’re calling the ‘turnover tsunami,’” Ware says. In addition, Ware adds that there will be a panel discussion on the future of consumers as well as a student-driven panel.

“It’s going to be fun, and face-paced,” Ware says. “I’m looking forward to it.”

To find out more details about what to expect at the LEAD Village for the CSS & Seed Expo, make sure to watch Jake Ware’s Giant Views video: