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SuperSede Early Season Drives Higher Yields

I’m fortunate to have worked in agriculture my whole life. I have been riding on tractors and caring for crops and animals since I was five years old. I’m the fourth generation on my farm in Tennessee, and I’ve worked in agricultural research for more than 40 years.

John Bradley

In that time, I spent twenty-one years working with the University of Tennessee, including fourteen years as Director of University of TN Milan Research and Extension Center, conducting no-till crop research, seven years as Monsanto’s Conservation Tillage Specialist in 17 states focused on cotton, and served as the director of research, Agricenter International in Memphis, TN. I formerly worked as Director of Research at FBSciences, and now sit on their scientific advisory board. I am a strong believer in biostimulants and their ability to aid a cropping system by increasing plant health and mitigating stress. FBSciences’ biostimulant technology and products stand out beyond anything else I have seen in the field

When FBSciences first approached me in 2007 about directing their biostimulant research, I was intrigued. Their proprietary biostimulant technology, FBS Transit®, had a lot of promise, but the farmer in me had to see if it really made a measurable difference on the farm.

From around the U.S., to South America, to Australia, and parts of Africa, we put this technology through the wringer of testing. We completed hundreds of trials, with 40% focusing on seed treatment. There was a positive yield response 85% of the time in all different growing conditions, with an even greater impact in stressed conditions. This would eventually lead to the development of FBSciences’ SuperSede™ line of products.

A Closer Look at SuperSede

The biggest advantage for growers is the return on investment while still being easycto use. SuperSede has been developed to pair tailored nutrition with a highly effective biostimulant, FBS Transit. That means our products are different from other growers may have used. The active ingredient is not alive, and the liquid formulation is stable without refrigeration for years. FBSciences’ biostimulant is extremely bioactive delivering significant plant response at a low use rate, which is a departure from traditional biostimulants which are applied at a higher use rate. Finally, SuperSede products are compatible with traditional seed treatments – including fungicides, insecticides, and nematicides.

Because farms are much bigger than 40 years ago, biostimulants that need special handling or application treatment just don’t work on today’s scale. When we first started at FBSciences, the products were focused on in-furrow. We’ve made the whole process even easier with a seed treatment.

This new product line, SuperSede seed treatment, increases overall simplicity for farmers by putting FBS Transit and crop specific nutrients all in one place where the seed needs it. It was a no-brainer to go from placing this material in the furrow to on the seed.

Agronomic Benefit

In testing, we saw a significant positive impact on germination, which, as you know, is one of the most important factors in yield. From more enhanced germination, uniform emergence, more robust root systems, and better shoot development, SuperSede works to start the crop off right. That more extensive root system is the first thing you’ll notice when you start using SuperSede.

Think about crops like cotton, a crop I’ve worked with for several decades, where early-season development is challenging. With SuperSede, the combination of FBS Transit with a crop specific nutrient package means the crop will have better early plant health, which will provide a stronger defense against disease and pests.

When I think about trying something new as a farmer, I want something that is low risk but sure to improve crop health – especially with cotton and other hard-to- establish crops. Getting those nutrients that soils are naturally lacking in a seed treatment is especially useful.

Altogether, I’m most impressed as a scientist and a farmer with the fact that in 85% of our tests, SuperSede showed a yield increase across all soil types and conditions. From a risk mitigation perspective, that’s something to get excited about.

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