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Learn How to Make Data Work for You April 7

When it comes to data, there’s plenty of misconceptions. The biggest: that you can learn something from your data before you make it actionable.

On April 7, Seed World is hosting a Strategy Webinar called “How Can Big Data Teach Your Plants to Talk?” where we’ll learn from three experts how to make data actionable and tangible for your customers. Customers have a range of experience with data — from plant breeders who might be used to heaping amounts of data to growers just getting their feet wet in terms of data. Our experts are here to help you coach your customers on how to take advantage of the data at their fingertips.

Our experts will teach us:

  • How to manage an influx of data
  • How to make data actionable
  • What you can learn from data
  • What will data look like in the future?

Joining our panel discussion are:

Sebastian J. Schultheiss, managing director of Computomics. Schultheiss studied Bioinformatics at University of Michigan and Tübingen. He worked on machine learning research and its application to biological data for his PhD degree at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology and FML. He brings startup experience, boinformatics skills and machine learning expertise to Computomics, which brings superior prediction accuracy and unprecedented integration of phenotyping, genotyping, management and environmental data to agriculture, enabling its clients to produce stable, value-added crops.

Robbie Weathers, Product Manager, Data In with Corteva Agriscience. Weathers has worked with Corteva and Granular for three years after spending time as an independent precision ag consultant providing fertilizer and seed recommendations, as well as irrigation management, to clients. He has also spent time in ag retail creating precision ag recommendations and worked with Trimble and John Deere dealers selling and servicing precision ag equipment. He has a degree in Agronomy from Clemson University.

Steve Cubbage, vice president of data services for AGI’s Farmobile data collection technology. Cubbage oversees the management of data metrics, the implementation of universal data standards and customized processing and reporting to help customers use data to improve fleet ROI and improve stewardship, sustainability and conservation practices for new and emerging markets. He has three decades of expertise in agtech, agronomy, precision ag and stewardship. He provides a wealth of boots-on-the-ground knowledge about how data and the digital acre will add value to crops and transform the industry for growers, ag retailers and partners across the value chain.

It’s not too late to register. Register here.

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