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How Can Big Data Teach Plants To Talk? – A Seed World Strategy Webinar

Are you helping your customers reach every potential when it comes to understanding data?

Data doesn’t need to be unmanageable. Sure, there’s data coming in from every facet of agriculture — breeding data, agronomic data… even economic data! But that doesn’t mean customers should be overwhelmed by it. That’s where seed businesses come in. Businesses across the sector are looking at how to make data more accessible and transparent. But what are their recommendations to help customers out? We’ll hear from experts to teach us how to make data work for the customer, and in the end, teach our crops to talk to us.


What can you learn from data?
We’ll hear what different types of data you can pull all the way from the R&D side of plant breeding to the boots on the ground side in the field.

How can you manage your data?
What tools are out in the world to make data access easier? Experts will describe tools available to customers to better help their operation.

How can you make your data actionable?
When it comes down to it, data is useless if you don’t learn anything from it. Experts will help teach us how to make data actionable for customers to help in future field and R&D planning.

Will there be more data in the future?
No one can predict the future, but we’ll ask experts to ponder what the future of data looks like. Maybe one day, crops will really “talk” to us!