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Progen Seed is Improving its Market Penetration

By: Aykut Özbugday, General Manager

In the past couple of years, it has become very clear to all of us once more that there will be an increasing need for locally dependable, high quality and healthy source of food for humanity. Key to the success of reaching this goal definitely starts with a quality seed along with management’s professional attachment to the business.

As a first in its industry, Progen Seed was accredited as an “R&D Center” by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey in 2017. Progen has successfully registered over 85 varieties during past 20 years. As another astonishing distinction, 20 out of those varieties which were cotton, soybean, wheat and barley varieties have completed the testing procedure as ranking #1 in their categories.

Progen Seed highly values national and international collaborations. Therefore, many international Eurostar projects as well as national Science & Research Institute (TÜB.TAK) supported projects have been conducted and/or ongoing successfully over the past 20 years. Secret of the success is considered as being continuing dependable high quality source of seed production is a strong aspect of the business. In order to reach this goal, five research stations are scattered around Turkey, from Thrace area to Central Anatolia and from Aegean coast to South-East Anatolia. Scrutinized breeding and screening tests are conducted deliberately on these fields. As a result, outcomes are welcomed by more and more farmers every year, not only in Turkey but also in Europe, Central Asia and Africa. As a need to fulfill these increasing demand, Progen has invested in two new facilities in Konya (Central Anatolia) and Söke (Aegean Coast) on top of its existing Antakya (near Mediterranean and Southeast Anatolia) premises. Progen’s processing capacity has reached to a total figure of 60,000 Mtons of grains, 10,000 Mtons of delinted cotton seed and over 5,000 Mtons of soybean seed in total of 240,000 m2 premises of which almost 50,000 m2 is covered area. Plantings in all over the Turkey has reached to 25,000 ha on yearly basis, making the company largest privately owned field crops seed provider in domestic market.

All seeds produced by Progen are tested delicately. Testing methods complying with ISTA standards, over 25,000 tests are conducted in accredited and Ministry certified Progen quality control labs every year. Farmers’ satisfaction and feedbacks are considered “rewarding” and quality standards are excelled every year. Progen’s “Field to seed-Seed to field” standards are covering essential tracking of every bag of seed produced from field it was planted, processed and finally bagged and then again from bag to field in a continuing sensitive manner. Thanks to it dedicated professional team of over 150 agronomist and technicians, Progen has processed over 40,000 Mtons of seed in 2021 and with its improved process capacity expecting to reach 60,000 Mtons in the year 2023.

Having the advantage of being in the middle of majority of the population of the world (Middle East-Europe-Central Asia- Africa) and crossroads, Progen continues to be one of the most dynamic, fast growing, high volume, well-established seed companies in the territory as a dependable field crops seed expert.