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Nufarm Takes Over Manufacturing of Pentia

Following the 2021 acquisition of Pentia Plant Regulator from BASF, Nufarm Americas Inc. is pleased to announce the completion of its new Pentia production facility, which is fully online and producing for the cotton growth regulator for this season and beyond. Moving ahead, Nufarm will be the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of Pentia.

“This has been a major technological achievement by our construction and manufacturing specialists,” said Javier Franco Nufarm director of Manufacturing, NA. “Pentia production requires a highly technical and proprietary process with specialized equipment, so it has been a true team effort to be able to complete the plant in advance of the 2022 use season”.

Pentia offers a track record of performance in maximizing cotton yield. Cotton growers investing in greater crop potential often turn to Pentia for improved plant uptake, rainfastness, height management, boll retention and yield potential. Pentia supports better fruit retention and height-to-node ratio as well.

“Having now completed the transition of registration, branding and manufacturing of Pentia, we are looking forward to being the stewards of this highly popular brand for the future,” said Chris Bowley, Nufarm customer and brand marketing manager. “Nufarm is delighted to add this well-known and trusted brand to our cotton enhancement portfolio and continue to demonstrate our commitment to the American cotton farmer.”

Pentia joins Nufarm’s growing lineup of enhanced cotton products, including Super Boll Plant Regulator, FreeFall SC Cotton Defoliant, Mepex, CottonQuik Harvest Aid/Defoliant, Terminate Cotton Harvest Aid and CutOut Cotton Defoliant. For information about all of the crop protection solutions available from Nufarm, visit