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Using High-Quality Seed Treatments Helps Peanut Growers Combat Early-Season Disease

Peanuts. One of the U.S. favorite salty snacks are grown across the southern U.S. — according to Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, U.S. peanut production measured 6.4 billion pounds from 1.59 million acres in 2021. The average yield was 4,135 lbs per acre.

Although peanuts are a great snack and are thriving in the field, Barry Tillman, professor of agronomy at the University of Florida, says the peanuts are 10 to 15 years behind other crops in terms of knowledge and breeding.

“I would say the biggest difference between corn, soy and peanut is that peanut has only recently developed the capacity and the research over the past seven or eight years to have the detailed level of knowledge of the genome that we currently have today,” Tillman told Seed World in a recent article.

With challenges such as Fusarium, Pythium Rhizoctonia and Aspergillus increasing in pressure, it’s time to look for new solutions in the field when it comes to peanuts.

When it comes to improving the peanut’s chances in the field, Syngenta says using a seed treatment can consistently improve their plant stand and provides thorough coverage.

“A 2020 study in Georgia showed that stressed plants treated with Trebuset Peanuts had nearly 3,250 more plants per acre than untreated peanuts, demonstrating the value of seed treatments in fighting off difficult disease like Aspergillus crown rot and post-emergence damping off,” the release says.

Trebuset Peanuts can help crops emerge strong, despite the pressures of diseases in the Southeast. Delivered in a liquid formulation, the treatment helps safeguard roots, which establishes strong seedling viros and optimizes early-season stands. Syngenta says it protects roots by remaining in the root zone as the plant growers, which gives it a strong start and protection from infection.

“Trebuset Peanuts is a broad-spectrum liquid fungicide premix powered by the novel molecule Adepidyn technology,” says Steven Patton, Syngenta seedcare product lead, in the release. “It actually combines active ingredients from five high-performing fungicides ― Apron XL, Dynasty, Miravis, Maxim 4FS and Vibrance. As a result, Trebuset Peanuts consistently protects developing roots, promotes strong early-season plant establishment and enhances yield potential.”

With the 2022 season fresh in growers’ minds, proactive planning and strategic decision-making for 2023 now can help set them up for success later. For more information about Trebuset Peanuts, visit