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12 New Hybrids Added to Golden Harvest’s Corn Portfolio

Golden Harvest announced the addition of 12 new hybrids to its corn portfolio for the 2023 season. The new corn seed products, which include 10 corn hybrids and two conventional corn hybrids, feature improved agronomics and increased yield potential. The new hybrids join a game-changing Golden Harvest corn portfolio that outperforms competitors in fields across the Corn Belt.

The 12 new corn hybrids range in relative maturity from 87 to 117 days and feature industry-leading corn traits for insect control:

  • Five hybrids include the Duracade trait for above- and below-ground insect protection and best-in-class corn rootworm control.
  • Five hybrids include the Viptera trait, the most comprehensive above-ground insect control trait and the only effective western bean cutworm control trait.

In addition to leading insect control traits, the new corn hybrids help deliver value in the field and at harvest.

“With investments in research and development, trait introgression, and trialing, we are seeing great improvements in our newly advanced hybrids,” said Rex Gray, Golden Harvest corn product manager ― West. “Because of their improved agronomics, standability, disease tolerance, test weight and yield potential, our newest products truly are a step-up when compared to our key competitors.” In specific geographies, Golden Harvest will offer a new Enogen corn hybrid for the 2023 season. In the ethanol market, Enogen corn for fuel enhances the ethanol production process by improving process efficiency, while Enogen corn for feed hybrids help deliver more available energy when incorporated into dairy or beef cattle rations.

“Our game-changing corn hybrids deliver best-in-class performance across the industry,” said Andy Ackley, Golden Harvest corn portfolio manager ― East. “We put agronomics first and focus on placing the right management structure on the right acre to bring farmers broad adaptability, high yield potential, solid agronomics and great late-season health. Golden Harvest corn hybrids are the cornerstone on which to build a whole farm corn solution package farmers can count on.”