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RiceTec Releases Product Line Up for Fall Sales

Photo: RiceTec

RiceTec’s extensive product line-up, including a medium grain hybrid, go on sale to growers and distributors this week.  Known for their extensive research and vigorous testing in a variety of locations and growing methods, RiceTec has a wide range of products available for the 2023 growing season. This year’s portfolio maintains long-lasting and proven products and is further strengthened by new options.

“The multitude of options we have this year are unprecedented,” said Van McNeely, vice president of sales and tech services. “From new FullPage options, new conventionals, and even a long-awaited medium grain, we truly have something to offer for every acre of a grower’s field.”

After a long period of testing and development, RiceTec has added a medium-grain hybrid, RT3202, to the line-up. RT3202 boasts a higher yield and earlier maturity compared to other options on the market.

Within the FullPage herbicide-tolerant production system RiceTec introduces one new product, RT7221 FP, and increased availability of RT7421 FP and RT7523 FP. All three FullPage offerings bring cycle flexibility and high yield in combination with improved grain quality, particularly low chalk. Two Max-Ace products will also be available, with a higher volume on the hybrid option.

One new conventional offering is RT7302 which is a long grain option that proves consistent performance in any environment, improved grain retention and good ratoon potential. RT7302 has an additional yield advantage over XP753, RiceTec’s longstanding flagship conventional product.  There will also be increased availability of RT7401, another long-grain conventional option with cycle flexibility and fast canopy development, along with low chalk results.

RiceTec has also stacked up a professional team to advise and assist growers throughout the entire season. The company added a district to its territory and three business innovation agronomists to assist growers in their fields and to find solutions and efficiencies to improve profitability.

RiceTec continues to offer loyalty, super loyalty and volume rebates. Loyalty customers also qualify for RiceTec’s ‘Stand Guarantee,’ designed to provide replant seed at no cost to RiceTec Loyalty seed customers in the event the customer does not get an adequate initial stand on their RiceTec rice acreage. The company also maintains its charitable giving through Harvesting Hope which provides RiceTec customers with one bag of seed at no charge for the 2024 planting season which is earmarked for donation to a charity of choice by the grower.

“We stand behind our innovative products, and our people stand ready to help growers achieve their goals,” said McNeely. “Working directly with our growers in the fields, we’ll find the right product, or combination of products, to meet their needs.”