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EarthOptics, ChrysaLabs Announce Collaboration Aimed at Highly Accurate and Efficient Soil Measurements

EarthOptics and ChrysaLabs, a real-time AI-based soil measurement technology leader, are making carbon quantification more accessible, profitable and scalable to growers and landowners.

The collaboration aims at opening the carbon economy to more participants in production agriculture. Combining high-resolution sensor measurements from EarthOptics with real time soil measurements from ChrysaLabs enables real-time decision-making capabilities. 

“The carbon market is there,” says ChrysaLabs co-founder and CEO, Samuel Fournier. “We know land can lock in a substantial amount of carbon. The main challenge we face is the financial viability for growers and landowners is not where it could be because there’s still non-negligible barriers to carbon quantification. It requires human resources, time, and soil intelligence, three components rarely found together in reality. EarthOptics is a company who can really bring data density mainstream.”

Traditionally, the gathering of data required for carbon sequestration validation is a long, labor-intensive process. Physical samples are pulled and sent to a lab for analysis, while growers wait. This collaboration offers a real-time solution — a revolutionary shift in the industry.

“The technology available from ChrysaLabs compliments EarthOptics ability to increase in-field data precision and contribute to unparalleled cost efficiency,” according to Lars Dyrud, CEO of EarthOptics. “Ultimately, growers could have access to more data and more precision in less time for less money.” 

With increasing environmental stewardship opportunities, the ensuing technology has the potential of creating a solution that is immediate, low-cost, scalable and accessible to all growers.