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New AgBiome Fungicide Receives EPA Approval

Esendo fungicide, AgBiome’s latest microbial-based solution, is the first from its proprietary Connate portfolio to secure the EPA’s approval.

“We are thrilled to introduce Esendo fungicide to the market,” said Adam Burnhams, chief commercial officer for AgBiome, in a release. “It is our mission to create environmentally mindful solutions for producers that allow for effective resistance management and promote healthier crops.”

Esendo offers powerful systemic and protectant activity, providing the important foliar diseases, including rust and Alternaria in fruit, vegetable and tree nut crops, control and resistance management. The fungicide’s premixed formula integrates synthetic fungicide azoxystrobin with Howler’s, AgBiome’s premier biological product- active biological ingredient.

Esendo fungicide is the company’s first product in the Connate portfolio that holds proprietary mixtures of synthetic and biological actives. These actives allow broad-spectrum control and the preservation of crucial active ingredients. The mixtures elevate efficacy, as they broaden the span of disease coverage of the products.

“As the first of our Connate line, Esendo fungicide is an exciting and important development for the market,” said Gustavo Marcos, senior product manager for AgBiome. “Not only will it provide significant protection for a variety of crops covering a wide disease range, but it will also optimize the chemical load introduced into the environment and help producers extend the life cycle of important synthetic ingredients.”

State registrations are currently pending. Esendo fungicide’s commercial availability is projected for early 2023.

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