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Start Your Crops Right With Vigor-Enhancing KAN™-7

Soybeans, field, crop, row crop
Rows of soy bean plants in a field

Kannar Earth Sciences, Ltd. exists to promote ideal agriculture. One main focus for Kannar is helping farmers capture the full potential of their efforts through innovative seed coatings, synergistic fertilizers, and related crop inputs. Kannar is excited to introduce KAN™-7, a fertilizer that can be applied as seed treatment or in-furrow to support crop establishment by way of more rapid and uniform emergence. Additionally, KAN™-7 can be applied as a foliar spray for additional yield enhancement.

KAN™-7 is an amino acid complex that, as a seed treatment, promotes root growth and vigor. It provides additional photosynthetic energy to the seedling, relying on the plant’s own intelligence to allocate the additional available energy to where it’s needed most. Unlike a hormone additive, where exact application timing and rates are critical, KAN™-7 acts as a ‘top-up’ at any timing, helping the plant translocate energy to where it ultimately contributes to stronger yield. 

“KAN™-7 has proven a consistent performer across all crops,” says Sam Cloete, Kannar’s CEO. “It’s incredible, for example, what four fluid ounces per hundredweight achieves on cotton. That’s four fluid ounces over 14 acres – less than half the liquid I’d drink if I grabbed a glass of water right now. It blows me away how effective this product is in uniform and rapid emergence as a seed treatment.” 

KAN™-7 also fosters more robust populations of soil microbes. As farmers know, a variety of beneficial microbes are critical to supporting the needs of growing crops. Unfortunately, microbes can compete against each other in the rhizosphere, negatively impacting their own success and survival and thereby decreasing their positive impact on the crop. KAN™-7 helps microorganisms from even different species colonize the rhizosphere even in in close proximity to each other. Thanks to KAN™-7, a grower can benefit from the application and combined presence of Trichoderma, bacillus organisms, and even mycorrhizae in the soil. 

“The element of compatibility between microbes took us by pleasant surprise,” says Cloete. “We were more focused on the value of proprietary blend of amino acids to crop establishment and yield optimization, but what we found is the surprising additional benefit related to microbial diversity and soil health.”

KAN™-7 is a liquid low-nitrogen product that was initially developed as a seed treatment. However, it is also effective at enhancing yield when applied in-furrow and as a foliar spray. KAN™-7 offers maximum return on investment when it is applied several times throughout the growing season.  

The product has thus far been compatible with all types of seed treatments it has been tested with and can easily be applied alongside most of the industry standard seed treatment technologies and tank mix crop inputs such as herbicides and fungicides, etc.