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Small Kannar, Big Impact

How does a small company continually attract the attention and appreciation of some of the world’s biggest brands, especially in a niche industry like crop inputs and seed treatment? Is it luck, who you know, or something else…?

Take Kannar Earth Science, Ltd. For example — it consists of a small team yet, in any given week, Kannar is firing up excitement with some of the biggest global contributors to agriculture.

How does Kannar attract such notice and partnerships? At Kannar they attribute it not to luck, but to “Kannar Magic.”

Their Kannar Magic consists of a special work culture in combination with an unusual blend of subject matter experts. The culture at Kannar includes curiosity and the relentless drive to find real solutions to real problems. But not only curiosity and perseverance… for the Kannar team it also takes the humility required to never assume that one knows it all. They are brave enough to ask those uncomfortable but necessary, “but what if we also…” questions.

“It really does feel like magic! Not only to us, but to our surprise, also to those we align with,” says Heather Lewis, Seed Lab Manager at Kannar.

She continues, “In fact, all our subject matter experts experience the same phenomenon. We believe it is due, in part, to the special confluence of our culture and our areas of expertise which include chemistry, microbiology, agronomy, plant science, seed treatment, storage, production, and packaging of crop inputs.”

But this is just the foundation in which Kannar’s commitment builds to confidence with their alliances. Kannar takes pride in discovering and optimizing new technologies for global commercialization. “Our partners rely on Kannar to accept a highly customized variety of responsibilities. We’re proud that more than one global alliance has described Kannar as the single most reliable source of market-ready innovations,” explains Sam Cloete, CEO of Kannar.

Substance can be found behind Kannar’s commitment to market ready innovations.

Sam goes on to explain, “Modern agriculture is known to achieve record yields, but often at the expense of something that indeed is unsustainable. Our innovations not only maximize yields, but specifically also promote sustainable environmental stewardship. Sustainability is the cornerstone of our innovations and decisions. Our passion is to unlock real solutions to real problems as we innovate for nature, you know, naturally!”

Sam concludes, “Naturally does not come easy. Yet, thanks to Kannar Magic in particular, the impossible seems to happen more and more often.”