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Jennifer Crouse Talks About Bright Futures in Orlando

When it comes to choosing the sight of the biggest seed conference in the U.S., it gets a little difficult to find the right location. Especially after staying in the same city for over 75 years — finding the next “perfect spot” can be a challenge.

But, for the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA), it’s time to move on from Chicago and onto greener pastures for the CSS & Seed Expo that takes place in December, says Jennifer Crouse, senior director of meetings and services with ASTA.

“[The CSS & Seed Expo] brings the seed industry to life each year,” Crouse says. “It creates so many connections between people, and it can be career-changing for people.”

Though Chicago has been home for years, Crouse says recently, ASTA surveys showed a desire from members to find a new location. From the feedback they received, Orlando was mentioned quite a few times. But, upon research into a new venue, it didn’t just match because of the warmer climate.

Not only does Orlando have the Chicago Hyatt Regency’s sister hotel, but the venue also hosts the capacity for all members to stay within the same hotel as the conference. In addition, it allows something completely different from Chicago: there’s no divided areas of the conference floor — the entire conference can be hosted in one area, instead of splitting up through four different towers.

“We wanted to keep everyone under one roof for people to continue to be able to find each other all day and make connections,” Crouse says. “We can put every aspect of this event in the same hallway, in the same area of the hotel — and it’s full of sunshine and windows.”

As networking remains paramount for the CSS & Seed Expo, Crouse believes the future for the conference will be bright.

“It’s going to be a dream for networking,” she adds.

Make sure to listen to the whole Giant Views with Jennifer to learn more about the transition to Orlando in 2023.

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