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Seed Applied Technologies Are Convenient and Sustainable, Says Prabdeep Bajwa

In the seed industry, the job of companies within the sector is to make growers’ lives easier with the development of new innovations and technologies. Those innovations can look different, but one tool that’s becoming ever more important on the farm? Seed applied technologies.

“[They’re] a sustainability tool for farmers to maximize productivity,” says Prabdeep Bajwa, vice president of seed applied technology for Corteva Agriscience, during a Seed World Giant Views interview at the American Seed Trade Association’s CSS & Seed Expo. “It’s a comprehensive set of these solutions that help win the start with early-stage plant development. Seed is a high-value investment — to protect it, seed treatments are precisely applied.”

Just like other sectors in the industry, seed applied technologies have seen a great deal of recent innovation., You’re able to combine different modes of action, including seed applied solutions such as biologicals, to help give seeds the best start possible, Bajwa says.

And although seed treatments have come under scrutiny at times, Bajwa says it’s important to remember: seed treatments and seed applied technologies, just like just like other crop protection chemistries, go through rigorous testing and regulations to ensure they’re safe when used according to the label.

Bajwa believes it’s important to talk about the big benefits behind seed applied technology, “It encourages no-till practices. You can plant early because you have assurance that the seed will be protected in the early stages. There’s less applicator exposure and there’s often lower use rates of chemistry because it’s very, very targeted,” he says. “Regulators find this attractive because of all the benefits to farmers and the environment.”

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