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Beck’s Partners with FieldWatch to Implement Precision Agriculture Strategies

Beck’s is taking its web-based tool FARMserver to the next level with the integration of FieldWatch’s DriftWatch in a new partnership, according to a release.

FARMserver assists farmers in applying precision agriculture strategies. With the integration of DriftWatch, farmers are informed and offered perspective as to the growing locations of valuable specialty crops and pollinator habitats in local surroundings.

“DriftWatch enhances communication and promotes awareness amongst all stakeholders,” commented Craig Rogers, precision farming lead at Beck’s. “The integration is in alignment with our strategy of making the best in field decisions and partnering with companies that bring value to our customers.”

FieldWatch spearheads a combined effort to register and share important information for growers and operators among farmers, neighbors and businesses. The technology provides support for growers of organic crops, conventional crops, vegetable crops and beehives.

“Integration with agriculture technology platforms expands the reach of FieldWatch’s registries, promoting enhanced stewardship in agriculture,” said Bob Walters, CEO of FieldWatch. “We appreciate the partnership with Beck’s and the value it brings to growers.”

Through DriftWatch, producers can map their sites and offer contact information for pesticide applicators via the online mapping system. After a site has been registered, the information is then available directly through FARMserver.

“Farmers are called to be stewards of the land,” added Scott Beck, president at Beck’s. “This investment supports that effort in steward leadership.”

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